Meet the Artist

WOW!!!! Did I really just start my Blog!!!!
Hello my name is Ashley R and today marks the beginning of the rest of my life. ( I laugh with extreme nervousness as I type this by the way) ....... I am going to become a Visual Development artist and Illustrator that is able to work from home and freelance. And I want to track every step of the way.

SOOOOOOOO lets start with introducing myself! Well apparently Ive already told my name, I am a Wife of a very blessed guy, I’m a mother of 4, I do work and yes....... I am quite the talented Artist.

I’ve always planned on becoming an artist but there was always the perfect opportunity for postponement. There was the time in High school that college tuition was frowned upon by a high student who didn’t want to add to the family debt. Annnnnnd that time that I actually went to community college for art buuuttttt I didn’t have the money for the art supplies...... Class failed.  Oh oh and what about the time that I actually had a job with funds, scouted out some good Colleges and was ready to sign up for the next semester coming up!!!!!!!! Ahhhh nope, First came love then came marriage and then came this beautiful bundle of joy in a baby  carriage. I could go on and on, but that today that stops, I say. There will not be a day that I am not practicing my trade and skill.

Well how are you going to become a visual development Artist on your own Ashley? .........
By putting myself in the position already! That’s right, I have hired myself as my own personal VD and I will work week by week on project while taking care of my house, working and keeping this phenomenal family of mine happy. And I am going to take all my bubble, enthusiastically happy drive and poor it into every inch of my work.

Yessss I know, thattttttt’s a freaking hand full!!!! But what  I’ve learned from all the lessons God has given is that life comes with a handful of  seeds, shouldn’t I plant them and help them grow. The bigger the tree the more you can create from them.

So Let’s get planting!!! Orrr Cooking, cleaning working, painting singing, WHATEVER it is that is!